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 The Human Race

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PostSubject: The Human Race   The Human Race Icon_minitimeFri Mar 06, 2009 10:41 pm

So we have 3 Nordic nations (races) planned:


Each clan will have a Konnungr or Jarl (King) who can be deposed by a duel.
Each king has a bodyguard of Hersir who are basically nobles the king trusts to carry out his wishes - once the shard gets big enough these will form families/clans (sub guilds) who follow the King still but have many followers based upon the family. - We may start with 1 Hersir per king. Hersir much like the king can be challenged.

Within each clan the Hersir will split people into groups as they see fit an example of this is if someone shows signs of being crazy he may be made into a berserker - but all Norsemen are called Bondi - meaning free men but bound to service. There are also (though rarely) thralls who are slaves or non-free men.

Titles are always subject to change within clans or groups but these are historical examples.

Each nation has 1 advantage and 1 disadvantage example:
Denmark may start with mountains + trees + hunting - this gives them access to leather and metal armor plus access to bows and metal weapons but no access to a stable food supply.
Norway may start with mountains + farming + trees - this gives them access to stable food supply but no access to leather.

This makes each race have different feel when you start, but these differences quickly disapear with more raids and plunder!
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PostSubject: Re: The Human Race   The Human Race Icon_minitimeSat Mar 07, 2009 3:40 am

Love it. The Hersir will add for some very nice RP specialy when the clans are small, competing for the favour of the clan lord.

One thing Id like to do is keep high and fancy titles to an absolute minimum. Perhaps we start out with a Jarl in charge of a clan. When a clan grows the Jarl might feel he has the power to proclaim himself Konnungr, but not untill he has the real IG power to back his claim. This sort of avoids the crazy scenario of "too many cooks".

1 Advantage - 1 Disadvantage
This should be the essence of the entire shard. The strive to gain enough power to negate that disadvantage, to gather more plunder, to control more resources.

If we gather that there is 3 types of basic resources, Food, Timber, Ore, I propose this:
Each clan starts with one resource that is plentiful, one thats in average abundance and one that is very rare.

The Danes would then have:
Mountain: Rich source
Trees: Medium
Food: Unstable

This would force you to either plunder or perhaps trade timber with a clan that has food in abundance.

Not sure how this would be put into game mechanics yet. Maybe an unstable foodsupply could be portrayed as a smaller/less yeilding farm, or a rich mine could give you more ore per day. Set caps on resource yeild might be an idea. The problem is however how do we handle off hours gathering of an enemy clans resources when they are unable to protect it. Griefing like this must be stopped.

Another idea that I have proposed allready is to have a "community" chest that "gathers" resources. That would make it easier to code the plunder part too. Im thinking along the lines of some modded faction system where you attack and then capture a warehouse, wich grants you the rich through a menu to "plunder"
Could be done to work very smoothly but could also turn out to be a cumbersome disaster...

A third idea is to simply trust the players with handling this together with Seers/GMs in a more questlike fashion. This is probably the best solution while the shard is new/small, but could turn into a fulltime job once it grows.
But this was more of a discussion about game mechs, and tbh we should have that over at the game mech board. I'll go make a post about resources there, as I think we should include more than just 3 (or 5 counting farming/fishing/hunting).

2. On to the diffrence between Danes/Swedes/Norwegians!
Sure, they are all humans, but there should be things that separate them.
I'll just post a small list with ideas.

1. Choice of clothes/armor and their color.
2. Clan colors
3. Prefered God(s)
4. Mentality, warmongering/peaceful/craftsmen etc
5. Speach? This will be easy for us natives to add some poor, broken swenglish but might be too complicated.
6. Building styles (also influenced by resources avaliable)
7. Prefered hairstyle/color
8. Skin hues? not sure about this
9. Traditions/Culture (i'll do a short separate ramble about this one)

Additionaly, should we be so bold as to include some stat or skill mods for the diffrent races?
What do you think? Skill cap mods seems to be the best way to go, but since we do not have a skill/class system worked out yet this might be jumping the gun.

Traditions & Culture
This feels like the core point here, to distinguish between the diffrent clans.
Customs, traditions, view on life etc.

For example, the danes might celebrate diffrent holidays/feasts than the swedes.
The swedes normaly greet eachother in a diffrent way than the norwegians.
The huntsman is far more valued by the norwegians than the danes.

Just to mention a few. This is something that we need to expand upon. Nothing huge, but small tidbits here and there.

Allright, that was my first few cents!
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The Human Race
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