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 Brainstorm: Regions, locations, landmarks...

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PostSubject: Brainstorm: Regions, locations, landmarks...   Fri Mar 06, 2009 9:47 pm

Allright. Basicly, I am a firm believer that every single piece of terrain/area should be placed with a reason in mind. Huge empty forests are rather pointless in my opinion. There should be something in them, something to encounter or explore.

For example: An isle should, as a rule, just be there because. Its not just a collection of trees with some spawning animals.
Perhaps there is a hidden treasure there?
Maybe a vile Troll lives in the cave?
A holy place?
Some rare species of bear might live there?
Or, maybe a strange flower grows there?

You get the idea.
I belive every region (I'll get into regions later) should have a theme, a purpose and a history. Im not after complete detail here, not at all, but rather that we think before we actuly put something in.

Dividing the map into regions, for example a large forest, or an open plains, will allow for better planning. This is best done as the map evolves since natural borders between diffrent regions will appear.

Even now, I can se a few landmarks that would be awesome to build a region around.

1. An abbey (coast)
2. A trade centre (coast)
3. Various fishing villages
4. One larger city (hostile most likley)
5. Diffrent "neutral" clan villages scattered around the isles
6. A pirate/bandit nest
7. Several "hotspots" for monsters
8. Some dark and evil place
9. and naturaly the 3 starting clans.

Please feel free to add anything that relates to map outlay and cool/interesting/fun regions and landmarks.

For reference, the "Dark Forest" can be considered a region, and the spidercaves a landmark.
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PostSubject: Re: Brainstorm: Regions, locations, landmarks...   Tue Mar 10, 2009 8:24 pm

Update on Ideas:

Three towns for players 1 for each race. - 3+ buildings on the island (small fishing village) - limited resources. 1 island may have more resources than the other 2 and these may be the Danes (less military power but more economic power or something)

Main Land Germany:

2 Motte and Bailey forts that are factions (they will have flags or something in them) - NPCs will be the original keepers that are from the HRE (Holy Roman Empire) - these guys are tough and plentiful.

1 Abbey - This is third faction it is easier to assault and actually has goods, if the vikings join this faction they are "Christianized" - They will gain a alignment bonus to other Christians (may be actually able to enter cities without KOS) - Other Abbeys/Churches become blue and they are defenders of the faith.

1 Elven Glade (explained elsewhere)

1 Dwarf Hold - The dwarf hold will have massive gates and keep well out of reach of foreigners. Those few allowed in the hold will see pillars and well carved stone lit by torches. This will have treasure chambers and workshops.

Troll Mound - I was thinking we could have trolls that are similar to those found in the hobbit - but less 'evil' and more towards miss-understanding humans or outsiders. The mound can be almost a barrow (grassy hill) where they live underneath it. They store lots of plunder and items they find.

My idea is that each elder races location is close (and West suggested they be allied - which makes sense since there are so few of them) They all have untold wealth which may tempt vikings into raiding the elder races - which is where elder races have good stat/skill bonuses and it being difficult to find them. The trolls being the poorest of the three races and generally in myths/legends are outcasts and are the brunt of being hunted down - these will have very weak defensible mounds but they are much tougher then the other two races (strength wise that is)

As for other locations we should have a main fort + large town for the HRE. The 2 motte and baileys are 'outliers' this larger fort and large town will be heavily guarded and have maybe a large church/cathedral - this makes the christianized group allowed into the city to defend it with the guards against the other two groups. (not sure if we can make NPC's factioned or not but that may be the easiest way.

This whole system should work well up to 50 players with 90% of them being vikings. Meeting these requirements we can then add Saxons/French or even HRE as a race + faction buildings. This makes castles/abbeys/etc. vital

one question on the faction things - can the buildings be player owned? We will have doors pickable so it would be nice for players to move from newbie villages to forts/towns and start to form laws of their own.
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PostSubject: Re: Brainstorm: Regions, locations, landmarks...   Wed Mar 11, 2009 10:47 pm

Your ideas sounds good Skar. I'll start working with the other elder races as soon as possible. You got some points that I can develop, thanks. I especially agree with the Troll being less evil and making them a bit more sceptical against other races.

Regarding the faction stuff. I'll rekon buildings can be player own, why would it not be possible?
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PostSubject: Re: Brainstorm: Regions, locations, landmarks...   Thu Mar 12, 2009 12:29 am

id wager uo's newest house building tool system that was in the real game is inclided with runuo these days by default, creating ligit pre UOR houses is probly not difficult either.
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PostSubject: Re: Brainstorm: Regions, locations, landmarks...   

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Brainstorm: Regions, locations, landmarks...
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