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 The Gods of [Unamed shard]

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The Gods of [Unamed shard] Empty
PostSubject: The Gods of [Unamed shard]   The Gods of [Unamed shard] Icon_minitimeMon Mar 30, 2009 10:56 pm

Tamlin - God of war and bravery

Gotfrid - God of luck and faith

Borgas - God of the sea's

Bergvid - God of Prosperity

Hallveig - God of Love and family

Ragnhild - God of nature and wildlife

"Its possible to worship and pray to several gods at once, pray to Tamlin for bravery in battle against the targeted village of your plunder and pray to Borgas for good winds and survival out on the oceans. For example.."

More info on the gods will come and ofcourse get their own section on the homepage-to-be
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The Gods of [Unamed shard]
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