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 Introduction text / Description of the mood

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Introduction text / Description of the mood Empty
PostSubject: Introduction text / Description of the mood   Introduction text / Description of the mood Icon_minitimeMon Mar 30, 2009 10:33 pm

"You live in a world filled with adventure and danger, become what ever you want. A viking king over your own village? A farmer or blacksmith? Or why not a plundering viking roaming from city to city and takes what ever you want without a care in the world? But be careful, those without luck might find them self getting more enemies then they can handle. Imagine the risk of you waking up in the middle of the night, thunder and lightnings filles the air and. You sense something is wrong, you can not put your finger on what it is though. Suddenly! A big crash is heard from downstairs in your house, you hear a woman scream and a sword being drawn off its sheath. Its your wife! You hear a body fall down hard to the floor, you grab your dagger and run downwards but is knocked unconscious and you wake up in your wifes blood. Your wifes body is laying next to you but without a head. The hunt is on, the revenge is to be set. This is YOUR time!!Not skilled with the blades? Hire someone! Skilled with a blade but not on the farms and the smithy? Let them craft you the arms and armor needed for you to set the score!!"

And ofcourse attach it to a picture using photoshop and some nice effects...
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Introduction text / Description of the mood
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