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 The greater Story Arch - Important!

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The greater Story Arch - Important! Empty
PostSubject: The greater Story Arch - Important!   The greater Story Arch - Important! Icon_minitimeFri Mar 20, 2009 5:24 am

This is an important post. Gah, that sounds very lame, I know.
Still, we need a Story Arch. Something people, no matter who they play, can relate to. I've seen too many RP communities die because they lack an overlying story. We need this. We need something more than "this is a viking shard, pillage and plunder!"

We need something that every single character can relate to. Think Lord of the Rings, think the Matrix, think The Lion in Winter. We need the black and white. The "either you are with us, or you are againsts us."
Something that is allways there, something that will allways be there. The Roman Empire had it, spreading the light of Roman civilization through conquest. The British Empire had it, Tea, grin & tonic and India. But it does not have to be as grand as that. Sweden (since Im a swede) during the pre-christian times had quite a struggle when it came to religion. The south, a part of Denmark, was way more enlightened than the north (and by north I mean the Stockholm region). The struggle between Christianity and the old Gods raged for a good hundred years, if not more.

It is hard to say what the relations between diffrent viking tribes were before Scandinavia acended into civilization, but safe to say, relations between tribes was not all good and friendly.
This is sort of built in to our concept on our shard, the battle between the 3 tribes. But we need more. We need something that every character can relate to, no matter who the player is.
This should be the single most important part we base all of our lore on. The shard should be bathing in this. The moment you log on, you should know about this. It should affect your character, it should drive your character. It should be a part of his/her daily life.

A story arch is important for sevral reasons:
1. It defines a culture
2. It drives history forward
3. It makes everyone a part of something
4. It creates conflict, it creates understanding
5. It is an easy start for a player, moulding his character

I can name many more reasons why I think this is the most important piece of Lore we will ever write for this shard...

Simply put. We need a story arch that is ever present. Something that every character is involved in. My suggestion would be religion, faith.
The struggle between our version of "catholisism", or the One God, as compared to the viking ways of "Many Gods". Monotheism vs Polyethism.

This should not be the whole story, but I belive it is a good start.

Rain down... Ideas Smile
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The greater Story Arch - Important!
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